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If your client has said, I want this to be a calming place where I can come and sip my coffee and read my newspaper, don't put highly saturated colors in that space.
For Aldrich's moody nocturnal black and white Blader substitutes searing daylight shot in saturated color, and she reimagines his blond on the run as a black woman.
Deeper, richer and more saturated color combinations are taking center stage in the new collection.
77 feet of it pushpinned to the wall), Spero's ladies leap into action, rhythmically bounding from one panel to the next, over heavenly sky domes, into pools of saturated color, out of whirling spirals, past checkerboard fields of frenzied pattern.
Their rectangles, concentric circles, and squares hovering inside large rectilinear frames have been compared to the fields of saturated color in the canvases of Rothko and Newman (in the latter's case separated by vertical "zips").
Responding to the bursts of saturated color and exuberantly drawn war machines, insect gods, and sci-fi transports, Saul decided that the Chilean artist was the only person around who would understand his work.
The viewer could participate in the digital dance: Standing within these squares of light and saturated color, you could watch numbers flow over your body while more passed by on the floor.
Users can control the entire system to produce stunning, pre-programmed lighting scenes with a rich and vibrant display of saturated color.
Harsh, stark, sharply defined flash pictures alternate with moodier available-light images that contain more saturated color.
All the paintings are filled with bright, saturated colors and creative energy.
Available with WQXGA (F80-Q7) or 4K UHD (F80-4K7) resolution, the F80 series delivers stunning images with highly saturated colors that allow for accurate color reproduction at all times.