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Above, Pottery Barn's Sausalito Melamine Plate (set of 4, $28) mimics the saturated color and visible paint strokes of the original.
Saturated colors emit a lush, rich feeling without being overwhelming.
Simplified shapes, the contrast of positive and negative space, and saturated color juxtaposed against the absence of color creates a sense of drama and visual impact that would become a hallmark characteristic of O'Keeffe's oeuvre.
The richly saturated color illustrations printed in Verona, Italy, add a painterly touch to the illustrations that beckon the viewer to imagine the sensibility of place.
Chinese firm showing special-effect pigments ranging from soft pearlescent sheen to saturated color sparkle.
In the gallery, black-and-white photos of Devo and saturated color film of Newman at first seemed totally disparate, utterly incompatible.
The ragged mountain terrain with its fossilized formations, saturated color, and naked wilderness held inexhaustible fascination for O'Keeffe and was a source of inspiration for most of her artistic career.
His paired-down painting style coupled beautifully with saturated color, geometric forms and complex compositions with social realist subject matter marked him as a visionary artist of the people.
The high-definition, pigment packed shades deliver brilliant saturated color that lasts for hours .
Fashion direction was two-pronged: black and white, or rich, saturated color.
Klein's sponge sculptures are, in a way, the abstract versions of Dubuffet's: His mode of dematerialization was saturated color, while Dubuffet's was figuration.