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He refuses to be named kaiser and defers to Saturnin, the legitimate heir.
Titles he authored include Les Voyages tres extraordinaires de Saturnin Farandoul, Le Tresor de Carcassonne and Le Roi des jongleurs.
185), tout comme Saturnin, concierge de Narcense, qui redige le debut d'un traite sur "l'etre" et le "nonnete" tout droit sorti du Parmenide (ch.
Saturnin Okabe, the leader of the opposition Rally for Democracy and Development, has appealed to the government to set up a monitoring body to oversee the management of the oil industry.
Three months into the fighting, Congo national assembly spokesperson Saturnin Okabe went on official radio to denounce "past, present and future foreign interference by the company Elf-Congo [Elf's Congo subsidiary] as well as by great powers and neighboring countries.