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After topping the jockeys' list over jumps in 1963, Sauer first took out a training licence in 1968 and reeled off an unbroken sequence of championships between 1971 and 1980.
Terms of an agreement filed with the federal court say that if the ATF's decision is agreeable to SIG Sauer, the Newington firearms manufacturer "will have obtained the relief sought without further litigation.
It says that not only is SIG SAUER committed to quality products, but also committed to maintaining a quality and capable workforce.
Sauer was a very active member of her church and community.
Analyzing fundamental characteristics of each commodity, such as inventory patterns, within a disciplined economics framework is a key ingredient of Sauer Capital's approach.
Texans said it considered "several other, very well-qualified individuals" before determining that Sauer was the best candidate.
The board will discuss with Niekamp the possibility of staying on until the new administrator is hired, Sauer said.
Sauer points out that an older woman's reasons for having a child canvary Some of the women in his .
After shipping the weapon to SIG SAUER, and some correspondence with Ms.
What makes him stand out is his initiative, his willingness to serve, hard work, dedication and follow-through, and that when I give him a job to do, I know he'll get it done, and he knows how to get the job done right,'' Sauer said.
Sauer drew heavily on knowledge gained solving casting defect problems, developing casting processes and establishing material specifications to highlight how technological advancement can be combined with sound, basic foundry practice.
Sauer of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles followed the reproductive success of 65 women between the ages of 40 and 52 who received implants of eggs donated by younger women and fertilized by the sperm of the recipients' husbands.