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The cut in savings rate below four percent may result in emergence of liquid mutual funds as a direct alternative to savings deposits and lead to greater individual investor participation in this asset class.
Banks say the lowered savings rates are to "normalize extraordinarily high savings rates set up previously," but customers are expressing their anger that banks are profiting at the public's expense.
A major impact of a low savings rate, considered as one of the biggest economic strengths, will be a higher current account deficit (CAD), which is already burgeoning to historic high of 5.
While retirement advisers agree that auto enrollment has made a huge difference in the overall savings of employees, they criticize the savings rate of 3% of salary traditionally used as the default when automatically enrolling employees.
Part of the reason for the increase in savings rates is clearly that people are trying to build up accumulations lost in the Great Recession.
As production outpaces consumption, the savings rate, which is the difference between the two, rises.
The average savings rate for a MassMutual plan participant under the age of 30 rose to 4.
Going forward, one more decrease this year could mean 0% savings rate for consumers.
The personal savings rate for the United States has been trending down since the 1980s.
Japan's savings rate in fiscal 2005 fell for the eighth straight year to a record low of 3.

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