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In translating Dante, Sayers had followed his terza rima scheme, in which the sound of the last word of the middle line of each tercet provides the rhyme for the first and last lines of the next.
During the shooting on Northumberland Street in Newcastle, Sayers met up with his uncle Albert who still trades in fruit and veg to look back on his life and family history.
Another North West institution, Warburtons, bought Sayers in 1990, adding the company to the mix of family bakers it had already taken over, among them Sayers' sister bakery chain Hampsons.
I look forward to working with Virgo Capital as Sayers enters its next chapter of growth and leadership.
As the title implies, Fletcher's primary focus is on Sayers' theology of work and its Trinitarian framework; her contention is that Sayers has a valid insight into creativity as a human analogue of the Trinitarian revelation of God.
In the SyKes Cup final, Sayers hit 103 in 120 balls, including 11 boundaries, and helped Swain post a record score of 304-4.
When she discovered Sayers was allegedly selling the videos for 40 dollars and pictures for 5 dollars, she contacted the police, who launched an investigation in February, local newspaper The News-Times revealed.
Sayers, fourth in Beijing with her previous best of 65.
Malcolm Prosecutor Julius Capon told the court Sayers was stopped after flying in from Paris - the final leg of a journey which began in Dakar, Senegal.
The building she taught in was the scene of some of the worse destruction as the tremors tore apart walls and windows leaving Ms Sayers and eight other staff and 60 pupils dead.
The row exploded at a meeting in a local pub on Monday where Miss Cash, who is expecting a child in August, blocked attempts to get Ms Sayers, 47, re-elected as constituency chairwoman.
The two left-handers put on 123 in 46 overs before Sayers departed for 49 and incoming batsman, Michael Vaughan, only had time to face two balls before the rain set in and ended play for the day with the score unchanged.