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Sayyed Abdulmalik addressed an advice to all those who push their sons to fight in the aggression ranks against their people to be afraid from Allah and revise their positions.
Following a Cabinet session Wednesday dedicated to discussing the 2019 draft state budget, Information Minister Jamal Jarrah questioned Sayyed's remarks, saying Parliament was already handling the matter, and that property owners were paying their dues.
Sayyed was given ` 1.50 lakh by a Suspect Mohsin Ibrahim Sayyed ( centre) was arrested by the Delhi Police's special cell on Thursday.
Tragically, Indian national Sayyed said his wife appears to be somewhat conscious and aware of what has happened.
Although the place is full of Roman cemeteries and scorpions, Sayyed made a hobby of collecting scorpions to make use of them for his own study.
Sayyed Bader lamented the sectarian conflicts engulfing the Arab world, adding that while cenrturies of coexistance may have been lost in a number of Arab cities, Oman remained a model of sectarian harmony.
"All the inmates said that the prison administration followed usual incarceration procedures," Mr Al Sayyed said, describing the situation of detainees as being normal.
Sayyed Thuwaini is the son of the late Sayyed Shihab, a brother of the late Sultan Taimur and uncle of Sultan Qaboos' father.
"Meanwhile, it is learned that Sayyed Camille Shamoun, the Lebanese president is consulting Lebanese politicians on Lebanon's attitude in the event of signing the proposed pact between Turkey and Iraq.
I am with the Sayyed against Israel, and I support him from where I live in London where I confront Israel's supporters and American Likudniks, not in Lebanon where supporting Hezbollah is easier and has no immediate price.
Sayyed said that the leaders of Hizbullah and Amal's supporters who fanned out in Beirut and its southern suburbs wanted to demand the implementation of the Saudi-Syrian initiative, namely the article relating to the STL.
Sayyed, who is seen as a political ally of Hezbollah, and the other officers, were freed in 2009 for lack of evidence.