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Edge Technology encompasses text rendering and font "hinting" techniques - methods for fine-tuning characters - that combine to achieve superior visual results using scalable fonts in a low-memory footprint.
While bitmap fonts require individual sets for each type size and style supported by the device, the iType font engine requires just one scalable font for each style to cover all sizes.
The iType scalable font engine contained in the iType Connects plug-in features enhanced modularity, enabling manufacturers to select capabilities according to device requirements such as screen resolution and memory capacity, as well as a device's intended use.
Monotype Imaging's iType scalable font engine renders characters based on the TrueType and OpenType([R]) font formats, in addition to the company's stroke-based format.
A tech recently released a new package of scalable fonts for DOS-based word processors.
Like Windows, the program contains a host of extras: file management, a clock, calendar, scalable fonts and a collection of games, to name a few.
Some discerning features of these printers are footprints, bitmapped versus scalable fonts and printer control language (PCL).
Engineered with Zebra reliability and featuring flash memory, versatile connectivity options and scalable fonts, the new DA402 and T402 are the ideal solution for users seeking a compact, easy, quick and affordable way to create on-demand bar code labels to improve data accuracy, operating efficiency and object tracking.
The use of PCL enables the printers to support 50 resident scalable fonts and alleviates challenges often associated with proprietary languages.
With PCL5e, an industry standard printer language, integration difficulties caused by proprietary languages become a thing of the past and PCL allows the printer to support 50 resident scalable fonts, a substantial advantage compared to other thermal printers.
0 but improves many features known as the "Mandrake touch" and also adds many goodies like Pentium optimization, scalable fonts support and KDE/Gnome integration.
While a third of 18-19 year olds express high interest, key features like scalable fonts, text-to-speech conversion and lightweight e-readers have attracted more than 22 percent of the 65 and over crowd.

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