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"At this time, we do not know how the scam artist is using or intends to use the fake website."
"These scam artists are just playing on fans' desperation to go to the final.
As part of a workshop on Wednesday at the Dubai Police Officer's Club held to train employees of banks and money exchange houses to avoid being victims of swindling and deception, police displayed the details of how an African scam artist was arrested last week after conning 50 victims by misusing an Emirates ID card.
"The scam artist put a picture of a woman on Skype then he opened the video window and started seducing the victim by showing the woman stripping.
The growing popularity of online loans has attracted scam artists who are eager to prey on these vulnerable consumers.
Schuyler said usually the scam artist assumes the identity of a new Bar member who has not yet listed a phone number or e-mail address and may only have a post office box address, which makes it hard for the victim to reach the real attorney even if the victim checks on the lawyer through the Bar's Web site.
Scam artists will use extremes to lure consumers into a sell--even if it means playing on consumers' greed, fear and insecurities.
Known as con artists, scam artists, swindlers, shysters, grifters, bunco artists, or fraudsters, these criminals perpetrate a significant portion of the large-scale and sophisticated fraud schemes that victimize individuals, banks, businesses, and government agencies.
Karl is a good lay but a lousy scam artist, and when he is injured after a botched sidewalk job, his work duties are taken over by a cute young garage mechanic named Rudolf (Felix Eitner).
After winning the prey's confidence, the scam artist would then follow up and promise a parcel containing a "gift" or a huge sum of money.
The scam artist will profit from a senior trying to be a good grandma or grandpa, while a senior's hard earned money is stolen, along with their sense of security.
THE STORY Shawn MacArthur (Tatum) is a young New York street hustler who is spotted brawling by scam artist Harvey Boarden (Howard).