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3) The family of scatterable mines includes hand-emplaced, modular-pack mine systems; air- and ground-delivered Volcano scatterable mine systems; field artillery-delivered area-denial artillery munition and remote antiarmor mine systems; and fixed wing-delivered Gator scatterable mine systems.
The use of triggers with scatterable mines and demolition obstacles allows the commander to affect a specific formation and requires fewer resources than simply emplacing obstacles along all possible avenues of approach.
We have to depend upon scatterable mines emplaced by the Volcano system.
In implementing the family of scatterable mines, the primary responsibility for the deployment of land mines has shifted away from the engineer and toward a combined arms team that includes field artillery, combat aviation, and the U.
We do this with fires, close air support, maneuver, and scatterable mines.
One enemy artillery-delivered scatterable minefield (200 by 800 meters) can close two lanes if they are not at least 800 meters apart.
Given the time it takes to begin engagement area development, even relying primarily on scatterable mine systems and special-purpose munitions versus conventional row mining, time is clearly the limiting factor for combat engineers and the BCT.
For scatterable mines, the release authority was held at the Combined Forces Land Component Commander level; during a rapidly moving campaign against an ill-defined enemy, it is nearly impossible to identify a target and get timely approval to use scatterable mines during a short window of opportunity.
The mine can be used in a mine shell to simulate a conventional mine, or it can be used alone to simulate a scatterable mine.