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In addition, the variation of scattered radiation is dominated by fine particles, and coarse particles have little effects.
Figure 3 shows the relative contributions of scattered radiation to the totals in Fig.
On the other hand, the shift in the scattered radiation v - v" = [+ or -] [v.sub.v] is the characteristic fingerprint of the molecule, as its unique vibrational frequency is dependent on the configuration of the molecule.
Lu, "Adaptive restraint algorithm to the scattered radiation of digital X-ray image," Opto-Electronic Engineering, vol.
Compensation effects of oblique incidence and plasma anisotropy on the statistical properties of multiply scattered radiation in the absorbing medium was analyzed in the small-angle scattering approximation using the geometrical optics method.
Unsafe procedures, imprecise and inaccurate radiation exposures, and production of scattered radiation put to danger radiologic technologists.
Among my personal favorites are a depiction of a complex, randomly oriented soot aggregate as compared to its equivalent spheres of the same volume and projected area; a drawing of the multiple internal reflections of sunlight by a rain droplet that produce double and even triple rainbows; and illustrations comparing different methods for numerical expansion of the scattering phase function that describes the directionality of the scattered radiation.
Equipment such as radiation protective clothing and eyewear is used to prevent exposure to scattered radiation from patients, which is the main source of occupational radiation exposure for health care providers.
Therefore, investigation of statistical characteristics of scattered radiation in randomly inhomogeneous anisotropic media is of great interest.
Most of these occur by Compton scattering producing scattered radiation. This additional recorded x-ray attenuation, reflecting nonlinear attenuation, is called noise.
A study looking at the radiation dose operating staff receive during hip fracture surgery concluded that at a within a two-metre radius of the patient, gowns and thyroid neck protectors should be worn They also stated that at a distance of greater than two metres, theatre staff would not need to wear a lead gown because the very low dose of scattered radiation (Alonso et al 2001).