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However, bias error arises in the case of diffuse transmission measurements because the scattered radiation originating at the sample is not distributed uniformly over the surface of the integrating sphere and the radiation sensed by the detectors includes the first reflection of this non-uniform distribution.
Historically, grid-less imaging resulted in scattered radiation, causing a significant loss of image contrast, making it difficult for radiologists to make an accurate diagnosis.
where Is represents the intensity of scattered radiation and It represents the intensity of radiation transmitted in the same direction as incident light.
By observing any scattered radiation, they could detect the presence of a liquid lead layer on the surface of a single crystal of lead.
SenoScan's small pixel size and patented slot scanning detector provide for a detective quantum efficiency (DQE) that exceeds the performance of any other FDA-approved digital mammography system available, and the system's exclusive detector and x-ray tube combination allows for a narrowly collimated x-ray beam that reduces the amount of scattered radiation.
1 month,- An initial term stability test, measurement of the scattered radiation and acceptance testing; briefing radiology assistants, radiological physicists and physicians according to user requirements; warranty service min in length.
Virginia-based X-ray medical supply company introduces new product to protect medical staff from scattered radiation during x-rays, CT scans.