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This is the focus of Aleksei Shkvarov's Russkaia tserkav' i kazachestvo v epokhu Petra I, which examines the Don Cossack inclination to schismatic religiosity (Raskol).
And while colonial Spanish officials worked closely with ecclesiastical authorities to create educational and catechetical programs that would bring the indigenous peoples of the empire into the fold of Christ, of equal importance was the work of the civil authorities and the Inquisition to strengthen the faith and keep the New World free of the schismatic doctrines of the Protestant Reformers.
The term Hussite was never adopted by the Czech dissidents (either of the heretical or the schismatic variety), but was pejoratively inflicted on them by their enemies, particularly the Roman Church.
If the Author had been a bishop of the schismatic Church in Lombard territory, where it was officially recognized, and then wished to return to Roman orthodoxy, imprisonment, and perhaps even a death sentence could just possibly make sense, but the hypothesis bristles with difficulties.
What is new in the 256 decision was that it related to rebellious clergy who were not apostates but schismatics and heretics and who wanted to return.
In short, Gregory's policy to end the schism as it emerged in this correspondence no longer sought to convince the schismatics of the Fifth Council's correctness - that had proved impossible - but to let the memory of the Fifth Council fade away in discussion with them.
Perhaps they both should check with no less a personage than Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos, who has stated that they are neither schismatics, nor heretics, and that the whole matter is one of regularizing a canonical situation.
The ten letters on the Donatist schism, which account for almost one third of the translated texts, afford a clear history of the controversy from Augustine's perspective and document his gradually developing conviction that it was necessary and justifiable to use force against these often violent schismatics.
In the end and at a considerably later date he must report that "in general throughout the globe the Christians are more than the Mohammadans, the heretics more than the Catholics, the schismatics more than the heretics and the Mohammadans, schismatics and heretics more than the Jews, but the pagans are disproportionately more than all the rest of humankind together.
The council changed the language for non-Catholic Christians from heretics and schismatics to "separated brethren," said Orsy.
And what makes their task even less agreeable is the fact that these days the split between true believing schismatics and schismatic true believers is as evident among historians as it is among Catholic theologians.
Lefebvre wrote to John Paul II in 1985, three years before his decision to ordain four bishops in defiance of the pope's authority, to argue that Vatican II's "Declaration on Religious Liberty" had produced a series of poisonous consequences, including "all the reforms carried out over 20 years within the church to please heretics, schismatics, false religions and declared enemies of the church, such as the Jews, the Communists and the Freemasons.