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26) Some themes that could be treated are: Baptist growth in these regions and what enabled or inhibited it, the leading personalities, conflicts among groups, ethnicity as a factor in religious strife, and the tensions between connectionalism and schisms.
While the yearning for an end to the conflict in the Middle East was the backdrop for this year's celebration, the theme of peace and unity gained resonance within the Anglican Communion, which is being threatened by schism and fraying of ecumenical ties with other churches over the issues of gay bishops and same-sex blessings.
Strong ideological schisms are growing within the major parties too, between libertarians and Buchananites for the Republicans, and between Naderites and Rainbow Coalitioners among the Democrats.
Strong ideological schisms are growing within the major parties too - among libertarians, Buchananites, and religious rightists in the GOP and Naderites, Rainbow Coalitioners, and DLCers in the Democratic Party.
In sum, Cohn's book adds greatly to our understanding of labor conflict in France while proposing important hypotheses about the effects of repeated strikes and union schisms for exploration in other settings.
In recent years schisms have arisen within the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, resulting in three separate groups of believers, one adhering to Moscow, and two with Ukrainian patriarchs.
Ingle's handling of these schisms develops through discussions of the men and women who informed Quakerism, and through their tumultuous relationships with Fox.
Bill Frey, a Senior Fellow at the Milken Institute, writes about the aging of the baby boomers and the schisms it will create between central cities and suburbs.
NNA - Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, on Tuesday said political forces' schisms do not solely hit those concerned, but they severely damage Lebanon's fundamental values.
No matter how malevolent our art, the receiving side always seems to assign it a use-value so that rather than producing schisms in the network, what we make more often produces a method by which schisms can be closed.
Doubts already existed about Israel's military capability to wage war against another regional power some 3,000 kilometers away from Tel Aviv, and with the schisms between the US and Israel right now, it is unlikely that the US would support an Israeli onslaught against Iran -- and consequently Syria and Lebanon -- because of the three-way alliance signed between the two countries and Hizbullah.
While knaves twist, and fools resist its simplicity;/Philosophical isms, and jazzmen's riffs,/Religious schisms, and Kipling's Ifs,/Are swallowed by its profundity.