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During the course of his survey work using the Uppsala Southern Schmidt telescope at Siding Spring in Australia, Gordon Garradd discovered the 13th comet to be given his name.
Then, in the late 2000s, these survey programs were trumped by the Palomar Transient Factory (PTF), which uses the 48-inch Schmidt telescope at Palomar, and the 1.
Schmidt Telescope at Epping, Australia, reveals that the most distant luminous quasars ever observed have the same density as those closer to Earth, report Richard McMahon and Michael Irwin of the University of Cambridge in England.
Robert McNaught discovered the comet on January 3rd this year using the Uppsala Schmidt Telescope at Siding Spring Observatory in Australia, just 10 days before a wildfire overran part of the observatory (April issue, page 10).
In the same letter, Spencer Jones, positional astronomer that he was, expressed his wish for a Schmidt telescope, a wish that would be a recurrent feature of his correspondence for the rest of his tenure as Astronomer Royal.
Schmidt Telescope in Epping, Australia, and found several star-like entities characteristic of distant quasars -- glowing brightly at red wavelengths but dimly in the blue.
Despite its small size and low cost, GALEX has beautifully complemented the missions of the Great Observatories (Compton, Hubble, Chandra, and Spitzer), fueling astronomical discoveries just as effectively as its visible-light cousin, the 48-inch Palomar Schmidt telescope, did a half-century ago.
Using a sequence of photographs of the southern celestial hemisphere taken by the UK Schmidt telescope at Siding Springs Observatory in New South Wales, Australia, the team picked out images of distant galaxies and discarded those of individual stars with the help of a computerized scanning machine.
A nother comet-hunting team relies on high-quality photographic plates at the UK Schmidt telescope at Siding Springs Observatory, New South Wales, Australia.