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In his discussion of this same fragment of Tu Yu's lost commentary, Kato Joken [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII TEXT], Kanji no ken kyu (Tokyo: Kadokawa shoten, 1971), 22-23, notes that the Japanese Confucian scholiast Tojo Ichido [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII TEXT] (1778-1857) suggested that this use of yu to indicate something unusual, unwelcome, and untoward might also be identified in Lun yu 1.
The scholiasts of the Shu-ching relate that Duke Chou as a regent wore the silken ribbons of the emperor and his hat, and that, his back turned upon a screen and facing the south, he gave audiences to the princes.
No other work since has been able to improve on Lu's scope, erudition, and judiciousness, (2) This place in Lu's Chi-chieh is cited below, appendix 1, generation four, "Later scholiasts.
In concentrating on the New Text tradition, Henderson prefers scholars who theorize to scholiasts who comment.