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Diomedes, despite the fact that he received aid from a goddess, is here held up by the scholiast as a model of the impious man.
Even if these variants are inconsistent vestiges of a distinction in the scholiast's sources between the Kolonos Agoraios and Kolonos (Hippios) the deme, this seems to have been lost on the scholiast.
7) The scholiast on Plato, Lysis (Scholia platonica, ed.
46] Nonetheless, he quoted the entire passage about the Amazons from Herodotus and diligently compared it with statements by Diodorus Siculus, Pompeius Trogus, Greek scholiasts on Homer, Strabo, Plutarch, and more, in an endeavor to locate the Amazons both chronologically and geographically.
46), and the many instances in which Servius and other late scholiasts refer to earlier censure of Vergil's imitations may probably be taken as evidence of the inclusion of such comparisons in the intensive grammatical exegesis of poetry in the first two centuries A.
From the scholiasts on, commentators refer limos Melios to the Athenians' brutal invasion of the island of Melos in 416, and modern commentators typically point the reader to the narrative of the siege in Thucydides' Xyngraphe (5.
That is how Chinese scholiasts have worked, up until the Song dynasty, when Jia Changchao [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (998-1065) and Huang Zhen [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (1213-1280) began attempting to systematize the received lexicographical tradition of what we now consider derivation by tone change (Branner 1998).
For example, the scholiasts noted regarding line 214 that the husk (kalames) metaphor added a rustic quality to Odysseus' speech; Aristotle, Rhet.
Unfortunately for present purposes, neither hoplon (in singular or plural) nor hoplites were the sort of terms that lexicographers and scholiasts were interested in defining; and by the same token, when hoplites first appear in the surviving sources, in the fifth century (see [sections] 6 below), they do so as a phenomenon needing--reasonably enough--no introduction.
The Byzantine scholiasts engaged in [CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII][CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] "unfolding" in their search for "true meanings"; the Han literati employed paronomastic puns for the same purpose.
Thus, for example, the literary text is central to all four parts of' `old-style' grammar as described by one of the Dionysian scholiasts (Grammatici Graeci I iii, p.
The scholiasts of the Shu-ching relate that Duke Chou as a regent wore the silken ribbons of the emperor and his hat, and that, his back turned upon a screen and facing the south, he gave audiences to the princes.