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Country: United States of America
State: Minnesota

This is a safety issue. 1 1/2 years ago my now 11-year-old son was threaten with scissors and told he would die in 7 days by a fellow student. I notified the Principal as well as the Superintendent of the situation. Nothing was done. Occasional situations have occurred since then but not to the previous scale. This boy has been extremely violent with others to the point of having them removed from the school in a wheel chair. Minor 2-day suspension issued. Now yesterday he pushed my son and a friend for no reason. My son's friend retaliated. The boy put his books down in the classroom came back to where my son and his friend were and hit the boy who initially hit him. All three boys were given detention. I want to know what course of action I can take if the Principal continues to be so incompetent in providing safety to the kids from this bully. As I stated my son was told he had to serve detention but I refused as he did nothing wrong. He did not retaliate when pushed and given the same punishment.


You may want to file a police report and get them involved--
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Landing in an empty plot that separates the school from the camp, shrapnel from the explosion hit the school killing two brothers and seriously injuring other students, said Iskander, who added that the military camp and its armory were partially destroyed in the attack.
The fresh air strikes came at a time when Pakistan military has stepped up the operations against foreign and local militants in Khyber following a brutal attack on an army school killing at least 143 people including children.
CRICKET Moving gesture ALL proceeds from the fourth one-day international between Pakistan and New Zealand in Abu Dhabi yesterday will be donated to those affected by the Peshawar school massacre, after Pakistani Taliban attacked the Army Public School killing least 130 people.
Earlier, on the 1 st of October two explosions hit Ekrema Al-Makhzoumi school killing 32 civilians including children and wounding 115 others and causing a huge damage to properties.
Two car bombs exploded in the central Syrian city of Homs on Wednesday afternoon near a school killing 48 people, including 41 children.
Sources said that the suicide attacker blasted himself in front of the gate of the government school killing one student here.
FRENCH president Nicolas Sarkozy last night said authorities were raising the terrorism alert to its highest level across the region of southern France where a gunman opened fire on a Jewish school killing four before fleeing.
Author Landon shows great insight into all the little moments of insecurity that a new student -- or even an old one -- has in high school, and with them she sets a pertinently anxious backdrop for the truly frightening events that follow as Holly tries to find new friends while trying to stop a high school killing spree.
Indeed, the inspiration behind Bob Geldof 's Boomtown Rats' big hit, I Don't Like Mondays, were the words uttered by 16-year-old Brenda Spencer to explain why she had gone on her school killing spree in San Diego in 1979.
DETAILS emerged today of the German loner who went on the gun rampage at his former school killing 15.
Al Nahdi, wanted by Yemen and Saudi security authorities, was one of those who carried out a failed attack against the US embassy in Sana'a in March last year when their mortars missed the embassy to a neighbouring girls school killing and injuring a number of children.
Pekka-Eric Auvinen, described by police as a bullied 18-year-old outcast, opened fire at his high school killing six students, a school nurse and the principal before ending his own life with a shot to the head.

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