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His exploration of the work of the Middles Ages schoolmen is quite absorbing.
By summarizing and expressing in simpler Latin the technical discussions happening in the schools, pastoral manuals mediated between the famed schoolmen of the Church and the simple pastors exercising the care of souls.
3.375ff), but also suggests the Holy Spirit in the "splendor formae" of the Schoolmen. They considered form made in the image of God to be "a ray of the creative Mind impressed upon the heart of the being created" (Maritain, Art 20).
Instead, a network of women seemed to operate informally, out of the view of the more structured and forma tive web of schoolmen whose contributions have been covered in standard texts on the history of education.
They rejected the speculations of Aristotle and the medieval schoolmen and instead followed a new 'experimental philosophy' based on getting their hands dirty with an eye on useful results.
Whereas Stock's earlier works focused almost exclusively on the 'textual communities' constituted by the medieval schoolmen, the present book expands the horizon of Stock's fundamental interest to include such modern authors as Arthur Schopenhauer, Samuel Coleridge and Virginia Woolf.
let but Sophocles bring you Ajax on a stage, killing or whipping sheep and oxen thinking them the army of Greeks with their chieftains Agamemnon and Menelaus, and tell me if you have not a more familiar insight into anger than finding in the schoolmen his genus and difference.
It is the purpose of Sumaiya Hamdani in Between Revolution and State to show how this responsibility was both undertaken and justified by the Qadi al-Nu'man, the great apologist of the dynasty in the middle of the tenth century, whose Da'a'im al-Islam ("The Pillars of Islam") aimed to reconcile the Shari'a, as it had been elaborated over the previous centuries by the schoolmen, with the sole authority of the Imam.
Though a medieval scholastic influence upon his style is evident, the body of the confession never cites medieval schoolmen explicitly.
That's the sort of basic error medieval schoolmen used to commit when trying to make the observable movement of the planets fit with the assumption of a geocentric universe.
The schoolmen defined identity by essence not appearance and thus argued that even if alchemical gold was identical to natural gold in its material properties, it would still be essentially different because it would differ in substantial form.
The medieval schoolmen may well have argued over how many angels danced on the point of a pin, but the poor artist had to determine how many angels he could economically introduce into his painting since he had to consider the use of expensive pigments such as red and blue.