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LAKKI MARWAT -- The agency education office of frontier region Lakki have not issued appointment orders of any female primary schoolteacher during the current month, said agency education officer Fayyaz Malang on Monday.
They said that teachers were optimistic that provincial rulers would facilitate primary schoolteachers with perks and privileges to implement the slogan of change in letter and spirit.
The schoolteachers were employees of International School Systems.
The City Council heard from its staff, housing officials and a Realtor on the crisis that's preventing schoolteachers, retirees and those working in the service industry from living in Thousand Oaks.
Bird-watchers, environmentalists, schoolteachers and families from around the world can witness the several life stages of these rare peregrine falcons, minute by minute, through the lens of the Birdcam at http://www.
I understand that, statistically, schoolteachers are the lowest third of any college graduating class.
com provides a customizable resource for schoolteachers and administrators interested in ordering supplies over the Internet and developing objectives-based lesson-plans and curricula.
The Little People characters are often remembered as round-headed, peg-like figures representing everything from farmers to police officers to schoolteachers to children.
As a public schoolteacher, I am amused at how shallow Thomas Sowell's thinking is in his Friday column, ``Kids shine despite odds against them,'' when he uses the fact that home-schooled children usually outperform public school students on standardized tests as proof that public schoolteachers do not have the teaching skills that would be expected of professionals.
We have a lot of retired schoolteachers in our group, so we felt we should help the libraries in our local schools.
Engineers, schoolteachers, retirees and music students may sound like an odd mix of people, but they sure know how to play well together - jazz, that is.
Minority educator groups say the test is a major reason whites still make up 80 percent of the state's public schoolteachers and only 41 percent of the students.