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Persistent sciatic artery (PSA) is a rare congenital malformation; originating as a persisting embryologic continuation of the internal iliac artery, the anomaly was first described in 1832 and the 1st report of an aneurysm of this vessel with fatal outcome was published in 1864.
CTA revealed a persistent sciatic artery and an aneurysm in the proximal part, containing clot within it (Figure.
The diagnosis on CTA was aneurysm of left Persistent Sciatic Artery with large crescent shaped thrombus and hypoplastic left superficial femoral artery.
DISCUSSION: Sciatic artery is a branch of umbilical artery and during early stages of embryonic development (6mm stage) and is the principal vascular supply of the developing lower limb bud.
KEY WORDS: Persistent sciatic artery, Anatomic variation, Angiography.
Persistent sciatic artery originating from left common iliac artery.