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SCIENCE FACT LOOKS LIKE SCIENCE FICTION Marcos Lutyens' artwork at Seaton Delaval Hall
Science Fact and Science Fiction: An Encyclopedia is a different sort of beast entirely; despite the pretensions of its subtitle, it is not an abbreviated version of what may be found in Nicholls and Clute, but rather an innovative attempt to delineate the uses of science within sf and the fictional possibilities of scientific discourse itself.
That science fiction has been turned into science fact in the form of laser technology, which currently has military, medical, and commercial application.
There's almost a daily onslaught of news in which things that seemed to be science fiction have suddenly become science fact or on the drawing boards, like mergers between electronics and humans, said [Ray] Kurzweil, who runs Kurzweil Technologies in Wellesley, Mass.
I had not met a fellow science fiction fan, but I began to realize science fiction was science fact for black people.
The gap between science fiction and science fact has always been mostly established by the science fiction author's understanding of current scientific fact.
This week he will be asking organisations to submit plans for a centre that deals in science fact.
Langer, Professor of Psychology, Harvard University, author of Mindfulness; Ben Bova, author and Editor of Analog Science Fiction - Science Fact Magazine; Allen Walker Read, Emeritus Professor of English, Columbia University; William Lutz, Professor of English and Director of the English Graduate Program at Rutgers University, Camden, NJ, author of Doublespeak; Robert Anton Wilson, futurist, novelist, poet, and playwright; and Barbara Morgan, photographer, painter and author.
But in the last few years, scientists have come up with one important innovation after another in nanotechnology (the term conveys the size of the objects to be manipulated: a nanometer is one billionth of a meter) and science fiction has gradually been rolling into science fact.
With an informal and entertaining style, Regis explores the different scientists' far-out ideas and their commitment to turning science fiction into science fact.
Along with hearing William Shatner's keynote address "From Science Fiction to Science Fact," attendees can learn about two-factor authentication, strategies for preventing data leakage, ways to protect employees' information while they're on the road, and how top organizations have successfully enforced security policies.
Joan Nichols, a researcher at the University of Texas Medical Branch , said that it's really cool that scientists are now finally moving into science fact, CNN reported.

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