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Fantoli presents the individual views of and social interactions among the principal participants in the Galileo Affair, yet also explains this drama as a conflict between scientific paradigms.
new construction, 72 non-classical scientific paradigm, 8
It is limited to research questions within the scientific paradigm.
Kuhn does not equate the scientific community with scientific paradigm.
Our new beliefs did not stem from some new experiment or unexpected observation, the way a real scientific paradigm shift does.
The accepted scientific paradigm is the "big bang".
He started to say something about Evidence Based Practice and the whole scientific paradigm being just another means of subjugating ordinary nurses, being a mechanism of bourgeois oppression and, anyway, the whole thing didn't make a lot of sense to him.
Shortly after Flexner's admonition, Healy (1917) advocated for a scientific paradigm for the profession, while Southard (1919) explored the possibility of the medicalization of individual and social problems.
Climate change science does not involve a scientific paradigm shift.
are gateways to exploring a new scientific paradigm, free or low-cost
These critiques include the arguments that there are few scientific studies proving benefit, that the ideas behind the therapies do not fit the established scientific paradigm, and that there is little licensing or control.
What is exciting this time around is that, for the first time in three hundred years, our scientific paradigm itself is organic once again.

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