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Information flexibility=j1*Resource integration+j2* Real time observation and scientific prediction (10)
1) No analysis is given for the tendentious phrase "serious scientific prediction and explanation".
Moreover, given active participation by scientific research institutes and military educational institutions, it will be possible to organize goal-oriented scientific accompaniment of the combat training of units and to provide scientific prediction of the results of the aviation engineering support of their combat actions.
If a first of its kind scientific prediction turns out to be right, not just astronomers but everyone on Earth will be able to witness an unusual and fascinating celestial event about five years from now, without the use of any scientific instruments.
Determined action at the global level will become possible only when climate change is no longer some scientific prediction, but a reality that people feel.
The scientific prediction is also expected to get dollar signs pinging in Steven Spielberg's eyes.
Over 100 scientific predictions in 'the Keys' have been validated during the last 40 years, including what is happening in the Middle East.
This was the first of many scientific predictions Clarke made that eventually came true.
Last month, Republicans and Democrats travelled to see the solar eclipse and gazed upward at the appointed hour, because they believed scientific predictions about what would unfold.
The astrophysicist went on to say it was not necessarily that the hurricane was caused by climate change 6 but that people accepted scientific predictions about the storm.
Of all the scientific predictions that are made, hurricane forecasts are probably the most consequential.

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