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SCILICET. A Latin adverb, signifying that is to say; to wit; namely.
     2. It is a clause to usher in the sentence of another, to particularize that which was too general before, distribute what was too gross, or to explain what was doubtful and obscure. It neither increases nor diminish the premises or habendum, for it gives nothing of itself; it may make a restriction when the preceding words may be restrained. Hob. 171 P. Wms. 18; Co. Litt. 180 b, note 1.
     3. When the scilicet is repugnant to the precedent matter, it is void; for example, when a declaration in trover states that the plaintiff on the third day of May was possessed of certain goods which on the fourth day of May came to the defendant's hands, who afterwards, to wit, on the first day of May converted them, the scilicet was rejected as surplusage. Cro. Jac. 428; and vide 6 Binn. 15; 3 Saund. 291, note 1, and the cases there cited. This word is sometimes abbreviated, ss. or sst.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Aquela responsabilidade tinha uma "conotacao repressiva: 'O que fizeste do teu irmao?'", de tracos regressivos (voltado para um horizonte passado, em puro raciocinio retroativo) e negativos, scilicet, de um juizo retroativo (acao no passado) culpabilizante (falta subjetivaculpa) e repressivo.
XXII, dicit quaedam Glossa quod Balaam divinus erat, Daemonum scilicet ministerio, et arte magica, nonnunquam futura praenoscebat.
Mandosio, 313): "Sed propter hoc non valet quod ille dixit, scilicet quod logica instituta est ad considerandum dictiones secundum hoc quod significant intellectus, et quod doctrina logicae est loqui de verbis secundum quod significant intellectus ".
Nec tamen gaudio subitario commotus inclementi me cursu proripui, verens scilicet ne repentino quadripedis impetu religionis quietus turbaretur ordo, sed placido ac prorsus humano gradu cunctabundus paulatim obliquato corpore, sane divinitus decedente populo, sensim inrepo.
] quoniam viventes civiliter non solum vivunt quomodo faciunt bestie aut servi, sed bene vivunt, vacantes scilicet operibus liberalibus, qualia sunt virtutum tam practice, quam speculative anime" (MARSILIUS VON PADUA, Defensor Pacis, I, 4, 1).
Specimen variae literaturae quae in urbe Brixia ejusque ditione Paulo post typographiae incunabula Florebat Scilicet vergente ad finem Saeculo XV.