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SCITE. The setting or standing of may place. The seat or situation of a capital messuage, or the ground on which it Stood. Jacob, L. D. h.t.

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Wei Hong, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee and Governor of Sichuan Provincial People's Government, announced the opening of SCITE at the Opening Ceremony hosted by Ms.
c/o Fox Architecture and Design, discharge conditions on previous permission for four new detached houses and formation of parking, Scite House, 377 Halifax Road, Liversedge.
cumque boum dabitis caesorum membra palato, mandere vos vestros scite et sentite colonos.
on Dr Townson's Farm, where we stopt for a few minutes to speak to the Doctor and to look at a very ill chosen situation he had fix on for the scite of his new intended House.
As far as I can discover, there seems in that neighborhood a general disposition to make the United States pay well for the scite [sic] of a Lighthouse, and I suspect that even a jury from that vicinity, under a writ of ad quod damnum, would estimate the price not by the real value of the article, but by the ability of the purchaser, the Public.
Imitating the action of censing by turning the hand downwards and moving it stands for a censer (24): "wend pu pine hand of dune and wege hi"; the act of slicing represents a knife (55): "snid pu mid pinum fingre ofer ponne operne"; cutting--"pu mid pinum scite fingre do ofer pinne operne swilce pu ceorfan wille"--and shaving--"straca .
9, Ingres Developer Workbench, Scite Editor Version 1.
The Beijing Office is located in SCITE Tower 22, Room 2202, Jianguomen Wai Dajie, Beijing 100004, China.
Jan Scites was selected as a board member at Central Vermont Public Service "because I was a corporate officer at AT & T and previously COO of a life insurance company," says the former vice president of broadband and corporate strategy at AT & T, who also is a lawyer.
Jan Scites has over 30 years of experience in the technical, legal and business management fields across several industries.
Many people are sleeping on innerspring or metal-coil technology, which is more than a century old," explained Doug Scites, vice president of research and development for Select Comfort.
Focusing on the topic of CRM, Janice Scites, vice president, Internet Implementation Strategy, AT&T, provided an overview of how the Internet is transforming the delivery of customer service, and how organizations can meet the challenge of integrating e-commerce into ongoing business operations.