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19, which started accumulating in July, 1978, and ranks as one of the top ten scofflaws.
To wit: someone who admits to theft or dishonesty, or has contemplated theft or dishonesty, or has knowledge of same without disclosing the transgressor, or has a lenient attitude toward scofflaws is dishonest and irresponsible.
PennFuture is also asking local citizens to help identify air pollution scofflaws by reporting facilities without the right signs.
AutoVuTM Free-Flow also automatically identifies returning scofflaws as they enter a parking lot, and notifies parking enforcement officers of their arrival and location.
And it found that the afternoon is by far the most likely time of day for intersection scofflaws to scoot through a red light.
ON MARCH 5, New York Assemblyman Felix Ortiz (D-Brooklyn) introduced a bill that "prohibits the use of salt by restaurants in the preparation of food by restaurants" and imposes a fine of up to $1,000 per infraction on sodium scofflaws.
Through July 31, scofflaws can pay back taxes without penalties, which normally range up to 40 percent.
DALLAS, March 5 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- The City of Wilmington's program to catch parking scofflaws recently won national attention from Mayors throughout the United States.
The move to crack down on tax scofflaws follows two Government Accountability Office reports documenting widespread tax delinquency among federal contractors.
Whether scofflaws or innocent music lovers, there are too many of them for Latin music divisions to ignore once online music becomes the industry norm for distribution.
If this conjures up visions of battalions of vigilant IRS agents engaged in a relentless search to identify tax scofflaws and, when they do so, dun them for the taxes they owe, assess interest and penalties, seize their bank accounts and cars, freeze their assets, and auction off their possessions, well, that's what they are, visions--at least when it comes to the very rich.
Based on the company's global track-record, BNFL is a band of environmental scofflaws who should not be allowed to deal with radioactive wastes," says Beatrice Brailsford, of the Snake River Alliance, which monitors the DOE Idaho laboratory where BNFL's plutonium waste incinerator would be built.