Scope of Employment

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Scope of Employment

Activities of an employee that are in furtherance of duties that are owed to an employer and where the employer is, or could be, exercising some control, directly or indirectly, over the activities of the employee.

Under the doctrine of Respondeat Superior, a principal is liable for the torts, civil wrongs, of an agent committed within the ambit of the agent's occupation.

The scope of employment includes all acts reasonably necessary or incident to the performance of work, including matters of personal convenience and comfort that do not conflict with specific instructions.

scope of employment

n. actions of an employee which further the business of the employer and are not personal business, which becomes the test as to whether an employer is liable for damages due to such actions under the doctrine of Respondeat Superior (make the master answer). Example: Dick Deliver drives a truck delivering groceries for Super-Duper Market. If Dick negligently runs the truck into Victor Victim's VW while making deliveries or on the way back from a delivery, then Super-Duper is liable since the accident was in the scope of employment. If Dick goes outside the delivery route to have lunch with his girlfriend and on the way back to his route hits Victim then there is a strong inference he was outside the scope of employment. (See: respondeat superior, master and servant)

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13) It stated that an accident only arose out of the course and scope of employment if the work being performed was the "major contributing cause" of the injury or death.
63) All three criteria must be met for an Illinois court to conclude an employee was acting within the scope of employment.
WELL done to Sarah Brightman for widening the scope of employment opportunities for celebrities.
For vicarious liability to arise, the employee's act must have occurred during and within the scope of employment, and the risk of harm must be foreseeable.
With the EFA at its core, the Emerge Soft Tissue Management program substantially reduces workers compensation claims costs through prevention of false claims, limiting claims to those arising out of the course and scope of employment, and through better treatment outcomes for work related injuries.
The CPA firm's attorney argued that the theft was clearly outside the associate's scope of employment since the CPA firm's services were limited to tax compliance.
Under the doctrine of "respondeat superior" ("let the master respond"), an employer may be held vicariously liable for the torts committed by an employee within the scope of employment.
LAHORE -- Punjab government is taking solid measures for expanding the scope of employment of Pakistan's workforce in the labour markets of Malaysia, Far East and European Countries.
1) However, many other areas of law draw distinctions based on the fact that the actor was an employee, or that the actions were taken within the scope of employment.
But the first thing to look for is whether the employee discusses matters within the scope of employment.
The bill also singles out one category of employee for unfavorable treatment relative to acts or omissions in the scope of employment that are not unlawful.