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Evocative colour schemed boards reflecting themes such as autumn leaves, scotch mist, storm clouds and iced coffee help to bring ideas alive.
Drink took over, the quicksilver talent tarnished and peeled, the legion of girls dwindled, the hangers-on melted into the Scotch mist.
At just pounds 1 a tin, do you think I could interest Sir Dave in the elbow grease Scotch mist and tartan paint I have in my garage?
Before we can really appreciate the rising of the sun, Mike Ruddock's men have to ensure that Red Dawn isn't obscured by Scotch mist.
I rang my daughter and she laughingly said: ``It's probably Scotch mist.
But, in the context of this late Group A drama, Craig Brown's men proved mere bit part players, yet another Scotch mist having long since descended over their own World Cup dream.