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We had samba dancing, food tasting, scots reading, art in Spanish, magnificent music, table tennis and Chinese greetings, making incredible tartan bunting and watching films in different languages.
uk or post your short story along with your full name, age, telephone number and email address to: Great Scot Story, One Central Quay, Glasgow, G3 8DA.
I'm absolutely fed up with the way everybody seems to be so concerned about the Scots having independence.
A short service will be conducted by Major Fr John Williams followed by the unveiling of the stone by the Lord Lieutenant of Merseyside, Mrs Laura Muir head and Mrs Margaret McHenry, whose husbands are former Scots Guardsmen.
This states that English taxpayers pay more tax than Scottish taxpayers, yet more of taxpayers' money is spent on Scots per head of population than is spent on their English counterparts.
3rd Test, Aus 18 Lions 19 (English 8, Scots 4, Irish 0, Welsh 3)
The last three substantive chapters are more specifically thematic, arguing that Scots were active agents in the development of a "culture of mediation" that was itself central to the emergence of a public sphere in Rotterdam.
Historian Arthur Herman claims that Scots Enlightenment created the modern world.
In regulation, the Kingsmen outshot Macalester 26-2 as the Scots relied primarily on a defensive game.
On the other hand, it treated the Catholic Highland Scots and the Irish in a despicable manner, denying them religious rights and creating unbearable social conditions.
More reviled yet are the cultural mythologies now associated with the international currency of Scots identity, associated with an antique dress as no other.