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Between 1997 and 2003, he was a part time Law Commissioner at the Scottish Law Commission.
Policy officials from Accountant in Bankruptcy have worked with the Scottish Law Commission, which published a consultation paper on consolidating bankruptcy legislation in 2011 and has led the process of drafting the Bill, to bring the proposals before parliament.
It comes after the Scottish Law Commission held a review into double jeopardy laws.
The Law Commission and Scottish Law Commission recently reported to governments on locations where roads, footpaths and farm tracks cross railway lines.
The Scottish Law commission has picked up charities moving towards joint working arrangements and published a consultation paper recently considering new statutory means in delivering joint ventures.
It is part of one of 50 Acts which should be partly repealed along with a total of 817 whole Acts, the joint report by the Law Commission for England and Wales and the Scottish Law Commission said.
The Scottish Law Commission last week ruled that the double jeopardy rule - which prevents suspects being tried twice for the same crime - can be overhauled.
82 trip to the Pacific Island paradise of Vanuatu to attend a conference for Australasian Law Reform Agencies - even though he heads the SCOTTISH Law Commission.
A further 68 Acts would be partially struck out under recommendations made in January by The Law Commission of England and Wales and the Scottish Law Commission in January.
The conclusion that the amount of damages for an injury actionable by the lex causae must be determined according to the lex fori was to be left untouched is confirmed by the [1990] Report of the Law Commission and the Scottish Law Commission .
First Bill for consideration under Scottish Law Commission Reports.
Double jeopardy was scrapped after a two-year review by the Scottish Law Commission.

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