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SCOUNDREL. An opprobrious title given to a person of bad character. General damages will not lie for calling a man a scoundrel, but special damages may be recovered when there has been an actual loss. 2 Bouv: Inst. n. 2250; 1 Chit. Pr. 44.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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If I refuse the black scoundrel's request, there is no doubt but what he will make short work of me with the result that the machine will lie here until it rots.
Don't fancy it, impious scoundrel, for that beyond a doubt thou art, since thou hast set thy tongue going against the peerless Dulcinea.
"That you are a coward and a scoundrel, monsieur," replied Tarzan, "is all that I care to know of you," and he turned to ask the girl if the man had hurt her, but she had disappeared.
He knew her opinion of him, and would write, 'My ears tingled yesterday; I sair doubt she has been miscalling me again.' But the more she miscalled him the more he delighted in her, and she was informed of this, and at once said, 'The scoundrel!' If you would know what was his unpardonable crime, it was this: he wrote better books than mine.
"Eh, you old scoundrel," he added, turning to the old chief, who sat gibbering in impotent rage at the foot of the steps.
'You scoundrel!' said John Harmon, whose seafaring hold was like that of a vice.
Disgrace the whole regiment because of one scoundrel? Is that how you look at it?
The scoundrel pretended to be rich and claimed the right of taking her back to Louisville.
"He probably had Jacinto, or some of that unprincipled scoundrel's friends, show him a short route to Copan and he came on from there."
The sums are the scoundrel's share, and where he feared an ambiguity, you see he added something clearer.
"Yes, it must be the work of some scoundrel ashore," I observed.
'Here, you fellow - scoundrel - dog - give me your hand, and I'll help you to mount.'