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The Shaheen scout motto is Buland Pervaz (high fly), therefore the teachers and scout leaders should ensure enabling the students of primary schools to become good citizens and meet future challenges effectively", he added, saying that the launch of scout unit in a primary school shows commitment by education department to promote scouting in the district.
Trump's everyday actions challenge the Scout motto of "trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent.
If md when you are hit by a threat, you'll at least be in line with the Boy Scout motto, 'Be prepared.
Whatever the situation, follow the Boy Scout motto and be prepared.
56 The Boy Scout motto Be Prepared was originally followed by "to die for your country".
Many readers may be familiar with the Boy Scout motto "Be Prepared.
When you have advance notice of an interview, practice the Boy Scout motto and prepare.
As ever when any regulatory updates are scheduled to come into effect, adhering to the old boy scout motto is the best approach to take - be prepared, and plan properly for the practical implications of the changes.
If there is right-wing survivalist DNA here, there is also the DNA of the Whole Earth Catalog and several generations of bohemian back-to-the-landers, plus a fair number of families whose inspiration isn't much larger than the Boy Scout motto, "Be Prepared?
THE Duchess of Cambridge stayed true to the Scout motto of "Be Prepared" yesterday as she mucked in around the campfire at an activity centre for youngsters in the snow-bound Lake District.