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Cummins experience of SCR aftertreatment is unrivalled in the industry, dating back to 2006 with European on-highway emissions.
Isolated gate signals for 2 SCRs shall be housed in sleek box with mimic diagram screen printed in the front panel.
Patients who opted out of the initiative since it was launched about 18 months ago do not have SCRs.
Ciklum, which in recent years has grown rapidly, and is beginning to gain larger companies - including banks and public enterprises - as clients, will now be able to draw on SCR Group's extensive experience and relationships within the large enterprise segment in Denmark.
While one of the challenges in fitting the generators with the SCR system was the fluctuating load patterns, the region's extreme winter temperatures posed another.
Hold Back the Night (drama); prod, Parallax Pictures (ACE); dir, Philip Davis; scr, Steve Chambers; cast, Christine Tremarco, Sheila Hancock, Stuart Sinclair-Blyth; status, in post.
The fuel savings achieved by Cummins Tier 4 Final QSK engines more than offsets the cost of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) dosing required for the functioning of the SCR clean exhaust system.
The non-SCR camp continues to leave the door open for using SCR, but refusing to commit to it a moment sooner than they have to.
While we know SCR will be the emissions control technology of choice for the majority of the commercial trucking industry," said Kim Doran, chair of the communications sub-committee of the North American SCR Stakeholders Group, editor of FactsAboutSCR.
The SCR technology patents that Clean Diesel has licensed to Bosch hedge on the industry's move to SCR to meet EPA 2010 and Euro 5/6 regulations.
However, the MAD 700 million (USD 85 million) capital injection by shareholders in 2005 proves their commitment to support SCR business plans.
Bottom Green - First round: M Haigh scr v J Mallinson, R Smythe +3 v H Abbott +3, C Mizon +2 v A Vickers +2, B Wherrett +2 v S Baincardo +2.