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He was the first to put rubber tires on scrapers in 1932, although he had to build his own tire molds before the reluctant tire companies would make the big, low-pressure tires he needed.
Self-powered scrapers shouldn't be pushed or pulled, although in reality it does happen.
The knife scraper is made of brass to prevent added wear to the screen during use.
They can be equipped with two different types of sweep blades: the Side-wall Scraper for thixotropic materials, and the Anchor Helix Scraper blade for heavier, tackier materials.
When asked why he thinks the branded ice scrapers are such a popular choice, Arron replied; "The best corporate promotional products are those that are so useful, or so quirky, that people are likely to keep hold of them over a long period of time.
The scrapers contain safety messages reminding people not to leave their vehicles unattended.
Available in a highly visible blue, Vikan's new metal detectable range includes two short handled shovels with large blades plus a hand shovel, two different sized hand scoops, a long handled mixer and two hand scrapers for removing stubborn dirt.
The John Deere AutoLoad[TM] system fully automates the digging operation of pull-behind John Deere scrapers.
Programmers and businesspeople who want to use the Web's resources to make the most of locating or promoting data will find Webbots, Spiders, and Screen Scrapers a key to successful use of the web.
Place the scrapers where they won't be tripped over by people or animals, or run over by machinery.
But hard-wearing types need an angle scraper - or the scrapers you'd use to get paint off glass.
Wall scrapers are used to scrape old wallpaper off walls and peeling paint from work surfaces, to tape joints and to patch plaster.