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Rustom presents a link between the diverse approaches to God and the diverse approaches to scriptural exegesis.
Chesterton, and a host of articles on everything from scriptural exegesis to global warming.
Using this observation as a point of departure, the book proceeds through an expansive account of early modern reading practices in order to advance two major claims: first, that the process of learning to read entailed important assumptions about how to interpret texts; and second, that this pedagogical connection developed from a fundamental concern among English and Continental Protestants to regulate (or, to use Pendergast's term, "normalize") scriptural exegesis.
As a result, Viola concludes that Anselm's 'theology' is devoid of scriptural exegesis, in contrast to Abelard's.
Jane Rickards contributes a nuanced account of James's use of scriptural exegesis to support his evolving policies, especially in international affairs and with respect to the English succession.
He uses this as a jumping-off point from which to argue that the limitations and ambiguities of scriptural exegesis can be mitigated by the application of a "theatrical imagination sensitive to the dimensions of simultaneous action" (25) as well as nuances of delivery, suggested by the text.
Truly emblematic, explains Luciani, Sor Juana also resorts to scriptural exegesis and analogy.
Little of this was original to Galileo; many of his arguments about Scriptural exegesis he supported legitimately with quotations from St.
There should be attention to scriptural exegesis for pew folks as well as topics for catechesis.
What may perhaps be surprising is that he brings scriptural exegesis into conversation with constitutional interpretation.
Pelikan's comparative book explains how scriptural exegesis runs similar risks, though to a world beset by the hate and destruction of radicalized Islamic interpretation, this is regrettably all too frighteningly obvious.
It appears that scriptural exegesis informs much of Reichenberger's interpretive method.