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SCROLL. A mark which is to supply the place of a seal, made with a pen or other instrument on a writing.
     2. In some of the states this has all the efficacy of a seal. 1, S. & R. 72; 1 Wash. 42; 2 McCord, 380; 4 McCord 267; 3 Blackf. 161; 3 Gill & John. 234; 2 Halst. 272. Vide Seal; 2 Serg. & Rawle, 504; 2 Rep. 5. a; Perk. Sec. 129. In others, a scroll has no such effect; and when a suit is brought on an instrument sealed with a scroll, the act of limitations may be pleaded to it, as to a simple contract. 2 Rand. 446; 6 Halst. 174; 5 John. 239; 1 Blackf. 241; Griff. Law Reg., answers to question No 110.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"This scroll was signed with a stamp of Cherubim's wings, not spread but hanging downwards, and by them a cross.
He was nervously rolling and unrolling several other scrolls, and making room among them for the one the Warden had just handed to him.
On this the White Rabbit blew three blasts on the trumpet, and then unrolled the parchment scroll, and read as follows:--
The Saitama prefectural government acquired last month the 10th of the oldest surviving 12-series of scroll paintings depicting scenes from the medieval war chronicle Taiheiki, prefectural officials said Tuesday.
NANY'S DEATH, BURIAL AND HER AFTERLIFE: This image is part of a 17-foot scroll that was found in the tomb of a singer, described as short and plump, named Nany who died in her 70s.
Today, in a rather more impulsive and personal manner, The Scroll offers some ad hoc recommendations of its own from outside the Tablet universe.
"Congregation Kneseth Israel is fortunate in that we have many Torah scrolls. Each scroll contains the Five Books of Moses and is hand lettered by a scribe on animal skin parchment.
Rare sections of the Dead Sea Scrolls that have never been published or properly inspected -- including a section of the Temple Scroll and a version of a chapter of Psalms shorter than the one familiar today -- were presented Tuesday at a special conference titled "The Dead Sea Scrolls at 70: Clear a Path in the Wilderness."
"How It's Made: Torah Scroll" examines the definition, history, composition, traditions, and intricate detailed steps of making a Torah scroll, the holiest text of the Jewish people.
San Jose, CA, October 13, 2016 --( K15t Software GmbH has announced the release of Scroll Versions 3.3 for Atlassian Confluence, which supports Comala Workflow integration and allows the powerful combination of versioned content along with advanced workflows in Confluence.
I read the piece and then tried to scroll down to the comments.
Bringing Josephus and New Testament authors into the conversation, VanderKam concludes that "for the scroll authors 'the scriptures' were tremendously important" and all such writings could be referred to as "'law' and 'prophets'" (p.