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SCROLL. A mark which is to supply the place of a seal, made with a pen or other instrument on a writing.
     2. In some of the states this has all the efficacy of a seal. 1, S. & R. 72; 1 Wash. 42; 2 McCord, 380; 4 McCord 267; 3 Blackf. 161; 3 Gill & John. 234; 2 Halst. 272. Vide Seal; 2 Serg. & Rawle, 504; 2 Rep. 5. a; Perk. Sec. 129. In others, a scroll has no such effect; and when a suit is brought on an instrument sealed with a scroll, the act of limitations may be pleaded to it, as to a simple contract. 2 Rand. 446; 6 Halst. 174; 5 John. 239; 1 Blackf. 241; Griff. Law Reg., answers to question No 110.

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It is the first time the scroll of Princess Eudokia Doukas - one of only two known examples from the entire Byzantine period of an illustrated prayer scroll where the original owner can be named - has been on display in public.
A professor of the university said that the scroll was in the university library but had been mislabeled, the BBC reported.
Rome: The world's oldest complete Torah scroll has been found in a university archive in Bologna, according to an Italian professor who said the text could be from the 12th century.
This exhibit will enable our visitors to experience these scroll fragments up close.
The scroll text is also discoverable via web search.
The Copper Scroll lists 64 underground hiding places throughout the land of Israel.
SCROLL UP: Emma Martin shows off one of the Bengali scrolls
Iraq is demanding Israeli authorities return an antique Torah scroll smuggled into Israel in the early 1950s.
2] scroll expander modified from a scroll compressor of R134a is 20% to 42%.
the Temple Scroll, new versions of the War Scroll, Miqsat Ma'aseh haTorah, and various liturgical works, 4Q502-4Q512) and a few hypotheses about the relationship of the archaeological site of Qumran and the scrolls; and the dramatic decade of 1987-97, when the scrolls were made accessible to all scholars and the public through the 1993 release of a complete microfiche version of the negatives of the scrolls (Emanuel Tov with Stephen Phann, The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls Microfiche and Companion Volume).
Among the Dead Sea Scroll texts are some of the earliest records of biblical patriarchs and prophets known to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
To commemorate the sixtieth anniversary of the state of Israel, the Israel Museum in Jerusalem presents "Swords into Plowshares: The Isaiah Scroll and Its Message of Peace" (May 18-August 15), an exhibition centered around the Great Isaiah Scroll, the largest of the Dead Sea biblical manuscripts.