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We try to push the envelope as much as possible with nonstandard stuff--like how you flip through photos without slapping on an unnecessary scroll bar.
Issue Description Scroll bars Long reading passages required the test taker to use a scroll bar to view the entire passage.
We further enhance our model by inserting a scroll bar (or slider), and use it to vary the value of the parameter n to visualize the changes in the populations over several periods.
I'm not advocating endless reams of text, just that there is no need to be afraid of the vertical scroll bar any more.
You also can adjust the control options to produce different levels of sensitivity See "Spinner and Scroll Bar Format Controls," below, for several choices.
In addition, a scroll bar allows data users to interactively view historical data.
For the horizontal and vertical scroll bar tasks there were three scroll bars on the screen (see Figure 2).
Pantalla TFT de 15 pulgadas, dispositivo apuntador TrackPoint, con funcion Press to Select e Internet Scroll Bar, una ranura PC Card tipo II, una Tipo III, cuatro puertos USB 2.
Documents with extra-wide margins are now displayed in a browser with a horizontal scroll bar.
Invariably the dimensions are just a hair off and you are stuck with that dastardly horizontal scroll bar.
It's included Cut, Copy, and Paste buttons on the keyboard, and has included a scroll bar on the left-hand side, so your other hand won't feel left out of the action.
The new site, which features exciting graphics such as moving images and a scroll bar, is better organized, easier to navigate, and has more information.