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Right-click on the scroll bar and select the Control tab in Format Control and enter the following:
Either that, or you accept that the less well endowed, screen-wise, will have to suffer scroll bars and you expand your canvas to 1024x768 and get a load of Web usability activists complaining you've infringed their human rights
You can tell a site with frames, as it will be littered with scroll bars.
On screen we have to take our eyes off the text to look for the scroll bar or navigation button.
These test accounts are also an excellent way to check message rendering, and to verify that the 'call to action' is above the scroll bar fold.
These reviews are published on the individual London restaurants page as well as on a scroll bar on the Mylondoninfo homepage.
The new hard disk camcorders take advantage of Cypress's industry-leading technology to quickly implement capacitive sensing buttons and scroll bar, integrated seamlessly with the graphic camcorder control menu interface.
Preview entire notebook by moving the scroll bar and quickly find the exact page;
For image rich queries, such as 'George Bush,' images will appear on the main search page below the categories that can be browsed via a scroll bar, thereby simplifying navigation.
A scroll bar navigates through colors ranging from Snowy Egret to Regatta Blue and everything in between.
Featuring the Zumobi ZoomCanvas interface, the app offers easy navigation from the home page with a "FAVS" scroll bar that users can tailor for quick access to their favorite teams.