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In the depths of 66 to 112 cm and with sea water onrushing, again sea sediments with following species were observed:
First, events as young and as brief as the Little Ice Age and the Medieval Warm Period have never before been resolved in deep sea sediments from the open ocean.
Attempts to obtain deep sea sediments from polar regions during the initial drilling program were limited by persistent harsh, icy weather.
When they looked in detail at records of sea sediments, Gerard C.
During the 1970s, magnetostratigraphic studies from pelagic limestone sections of land and deep sea sediments drilled during DSDP confirmed most of the magnetic polarity intervals (or chrons) determined from profiles of marine magnetic anomalies.
Hayes, a geochemist at Indiana University in Bloomington, is working on a process for gauging atmospheric carbon dioxide from isotopic information stored in sea sediments.
When little of this oil showed up in tidal or sea sediments -- even near beaches that had been heavily polluted -- spill-assessment teams began puzzling over its fate.