Sea weed

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SEA WEED. A species of grass which grows in the sea.
     2. When cast upon land, it belongs to the owner of the land adjoining the sea shore; upon the grounds, that it increases gradually, that it is useful as manure and a protection to the ground, and that it is some compensation for the encroachments of the sea upon the land. 2 John. R. 313, 323. Vide 5 Verm. R. 223.
     3. The French differs from our law in this respect, as sea weeds there, when cast on the beach, belong to the first occupant. Dall. Dict. Propriete, art. 3, Sec. 2, n. 128.

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Keywords: Organic fertilizer, compost, humic acid and sea weed extract, wheat crop, rainfed condition
The scheme of sea weed farming for the coastal area (which is of 292 kilo metres long) in Jaffna District was introduced recently in the District Secretariat.
Instead, the raised, textured, web-like configuration hints at the convoluted strands of sea weed while at the same time suggesting the deterioration caused by the passage of time and the beauty in aging.
According to Durrat Resort Management's community and public relations assistant, Soha Al Awadhi, the barrier has a multi-purpose use, helping to lessen the amount of sea weed, jelly fish and rubbish.
Thyroid enlargement in mountainous areas of central China was apparently well known nearly 5000 years ago and Chinese physicians were using sea weed for this condition in the 4th century AD; of course, seaweed is a rich source of iodine
Expect mind-boggling combinations such as shrimp, red currants and chlorophyll, radishes, moss, sea weed and egg yolk or pork, roses, beets and malt.
Marbled sea and sea weed and black daggers of rock.
I make my own compost with a ComposTumbler, using grass clippings, hay, cow manure, seed meal and sea weed that I collect from the beach.
However if you happen to fall into one of the categories above, all is not lost, and alternatives are available, go for the vegetarian options, like cucumber avocado rolls; these are wrapped in sea weed, and all very healthy, but do eat in moderation
Their soups are delicious, even the tofu miso soup which is, essentially, glorified sea weed.
The sisters also go through a bit of miso paste, beer, sake, Japanese rice, and sea weed sheets, which they buy in bulk on trips to Seattle.