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The services will honor the season of Advent with prayer, song and a brief reflection from the Rev.
It's real biblical stuffand the season of Advent is just like that too.
I do my best to avoid the Christmas lights and jingles for another week and concentrate of the spirit of waiting and expectation that fills the season of Advent in the Christian calendar.
Klein, founding editor of Currents in Theology and Mission, contributes a fresh translation and exegetical commentary on four psalms for the season of Advent in "An Advent Psalter.
Hamlin's visit to Titusville Presbyterian, which, along with the pot-luck dinner, is free and open to the public, will kick-off a four-part Sunday sermon series on praying through the season of Advent, which also will begin December 1 and will run Sundays at 10:30 a.
It is also very fitting to focus on praising and worshipping Jesus who is the Christ in this season of Advent.
With the season of Advent, a new liturgical year begins, and the praying assembly is called to look back with gratitude on all that has been and forward with hope to what will be.
This is the season of advent, a time for being understanding and kind.
SOAK up the season of Advent at Vienna's traditional Christmas market (November 16-December 23).
But these times also carry an opportunity for reflection, particularly in this season of Advent.
Although the season of Advent was a time of fasting and contemplation, there was plenty to look forward to as Christmas approached during the Elizabethan age.
The season of Advent traditionally has been a time when we turn to God to put ourselves in order, to be ready for the coming again of the Christ child.