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Finally during this season of Advent, we hear John's own words.
These comments were of particular interest to me as, during the season of Advent, I read a little book by theologian Raymond E.
During the season of Advent and Christmas, believers celebrate in a special way the ultimate encounter with God in the coming of Jesus.
Stir-Up Sunday is traditionally the last Sabbath before the Christian season of Advent gets under way - which means this year it falls on November 20.
The best way that children can enter into the season of Advent is to feel that they are part of the story.
In one month's time the Church will be beginning to mark the season of Advent - the time of fasting and intense prayer before the feast of Christmas.
December is the season of Advent, an altogether more sombre period when people are getting ready for the coming of Christ rather than celebrating his arrival with all the tack and razzmatazz that goes with that.
Today, as another season of Advent begins, we celebrate the start of a new liturgical year.
This was the first service in the season of Advent and he spoke of the prophets who heralded the coming of Jesus as the Prince of Peace, and part of the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
As we enter the season of Advent and Christmas often we hear, read (or sing in Handel's Messiah) Isaiah's passage about the child born to a virgin.
What better way to do that, especially during the hopeful season of Advent, than by reading these essays.