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The cover pool consists of prime-quality seasoned mortgage loans secured by residential properties diversified across Canada with a weighted average loan-to-value ratio of 62%, Moody's noted.
The existing CSC team consisted of government professionals from the field with 20-plus years of experience and seasoned mortgage servicing professionals from private industry, says Fiala.
There's no established Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac definition of a nonprime loan, so even seasoned mortgage brokers may not understand what types of borrowers would fit into a nonprime program.
Clearly, 1995 will be a year in which borrowers will have to rely more on the advice of seasoned Mortgage Brokers of higher repute who have strong relationships with lenders, as it will be a year that will distinguish the "Men from the Boys," or rather the "Experienced from Inexperienced."
As seasoned mortgage bankers, we have spent the majority of our careers competing in predominantly purchase environments.
But seasoned mortgage brokers expect to feel less impact on their local businesses.
On a plane trip back from another MBA convention in October 1985, Courson had one of those serendipitous meetings with Mark Posnick, another seasoned mortgage banker.
The chapter on pipeline fallout is an excellent article and is geared toward the more seasoned mortgage banker who has not previously worked in a secondary marketing department.