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Pull the fabric taut toward the seat base along each side center; staple the fabric to the seat base using a staple gun (2).
From time to time we'd have to move him around, and due to the lack of seat and seat base, we'd have to sit on an upturned bucket to drive him, which was amusing to say the least.
The German firm Wilkhahn relied on the flexural properties of IXEF polyarylamide resin from Solvay Advanced Polymers to solve a stress and weight-bearing problem posed by the seat base and back frame design of its new Modus conference chair.
NSN 1520 NOMENCLATURE 01-500-7205 Closeout 01-500-7206 Seat back 01-500-7207 Seat base 01-500-7208 Rebound assy 01-500-7209 Back rest
Honda went for a complete redesign of the 2003 Accord seats, starting with the seat base.
The front-mounted active seat base contains two containers that are alternately filled with fluid and emptied to raise and lower the driver and front passengers right and left sides.
Made of solid pine panels covered with a durable upholstery quality cotton calico, the supports unfold to the desired width and are simply slipped between the cushion and seat base.
And the driver can keep his cool thanks to ten mini-fans built into the seat base and back.
On the seat base, back, and arms, padding often consists of a layer of polyurethane foam topped with a layer of polyester batting.
Both the seat back and seat base offer adjustments, allowing drivers of varying statures to comfortably operate the truck and joystick controls.
The Convenience Group also includes automatic-dimming rear view mirror, a power driver's seat base, heated exterior mirrors and rear parking sensors.
Forward or reverse drive is selected using a joystick set into the right-hand side of the driver's seat base and all controls for the likes of climate control and media playback are accessed through two digital screens.