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On high-quality upholstery, padding along the front edge of the seat base is standard.
Back-saving convenience: The only travel system that allows you to dock and rotate both your infant and toddler car seat on the same car seat base and stroller base, with the back-saving convenience of Orbit Baby's patented SmartHub(TM) technology.
Every day, there are a number of GM full-size G-vans--the Chevy Express/GMC Savana--coming off the line at the GM Wentzville Assembly plant in Missouri that don't have any interiors, save a corrugated cardboard driver's seat mounted to a standard seat base.
And the driver can keep his cool thanks to ten mini-fans built into the seat base and back.
IC Bus and IMMI have worked in close collaboration to design the line of SafeGuard belted seatbacks which work seamlessly with the IC Bus seat base, and are available both on all new IC Buses and for update on any buses equipped with IC Bus proprietary base seats sold since January 2010.
Repair kits will be available to all affected car seat base owners
It also comes down to safety, with the Maxi Cosi car seat base that comes with the mychoice travel system failing to fit our cars properly.
You then continue to pull the seat back forward and, since this is interconnected to the seat base, the effect is to flip the seat base up automatically into a vertical position behind the front seat.
Specially-designed seats provide maximum comfort for urban trawling and motorway cruising while an expansive range of adjustment includes the standard seat height adjustment feature on the driver's pew being accompanied by automatic tilt adjust which angles the seat base appropriately for larger or smaller folk at the wheel.
The rear seat is split 60:40 and folds to create a completely flat load space, with the rear seat base sliding forward into the foot well and the rear seat back folding down in its place.
In Jazz, as the rear seats fold forward the seat base drops, leaving space for the seat backs to form a flat loading bay.