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Despite a handful of baffled expressions by some individuals in the crowd about her boldness to send interested listeners out of the room, many of these seatless guests--who were either standing or leaning against the wall--remained in the room and followed the discussion.
As well as charging passengers to use the toilet, he has also come up with introducing seatless aircraft with people hanging on to a handrail during take-offand landing.
The faux inmates slept on the concrete bunks with thin mattresses in dormitories or two-person rooms with a seatless toilet a few feet from their heads.
Old and disabled folk and pregnant women were among passengers who groped along a dark safety tunnel to clamber aboard a seatless car train that ferried them to stations in England.
By midnight, seatless members of the audience had been on their feet for three and a half hours and there was still no sign of Akon.