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Despite being the only seceder narrative discussed here in detail, the Mills case provides important, general insights into how the OC responded to conflicts beneath its surface.
43) Of the minority of Presbyterian clergymen who made the transition from constitutional agitation to armed rebellion, the orthodox and latitudinarian parties were present in roughly even numbers, with the Seceders once more isolated in their vocal loyalism.
The Seceders, motivated by postmillennial expectation, planted a large number of churches in North America.
However, when it comes to defining the nature of those "old ideas," specifically those of Scottish Seceder Calvinism, Harrold, otherwise scrupulously careful in the way he handles sources, resorts to grossly inaccurate generalizations.
Eleven years after the first Seceders came to Holland, one-third of the Dutch community broke off from the Reformed Church in America and created the Christian Reformed Church.
Already in the first major confrontation over ratifying the Constitution, which took place in Pennsylvania several weeks after the close of the Constitutional Convention, the Seceders from the state Assembly called upon their electorate to consider whether the rights of citizens could be regarded as safe under a constitution which did not contain a bill of rights.
Here his main targets are the defenders of states' rights--a motley collection, for him, of nullifiers, seceders, and insurrectionists.
The gereformeerde kerken in the Netherlands resulted from a union in 1892, under Abraham Kuyper, of various seceders who had split off from the official Calvinist (Dutch) State Church earlier in that century.
These Seceders had been compelled to surrender their churches and to worship in barns and stables.
Originally, seceders from the Church of England in the time of Queen Elizabeth I.
Most had lived communally all of their lives and had heard hellish tales about seceders who, like them, had never developed the skills necessary to survive in the outside world.
Littledale, who maintained that the only way to prevent would-be seceders from going over to Rome "is to give them here [in the Church of England] what they are going to look for in Rome" (Defence of Church Principles.