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The Seceders, motivated by postmillennial expectation, planted a large number of churches in North America.
Here his main targets are the defenders of states' rights--a motley collection, for him, of nullifiers, seceders, and insurrectionists.
The gereformeerde kerken in the Netherlands resulted from a union in 1892, under Abraham Kuyper, of various seceders who had split off from the official Calvinist (Dutch) State Church earlier in that century.
These Seceders had been compelled to surrender their churches and to worship in barns and stables.
Littledale, who maintained that the only way to prevent would-be seceders from going over to Rome "is to give them here [in the Church of England] what they are going to look for in Rome" (Defence of Church Principles.
Noting that Brethren were a part of a significant and growing evangelical movement in the early nineteenth century, Grass characterizes them as radicals for whom even most other seceders from the Anglican Church seemed too worldly.