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SECK. This word has two significations. 1. It means a warrant of remedy by distress. Litt. s. 218; and vide Rent. 2. It imports want of present fruit or profit, as in the case of the reversion without rent or other service, except fealty. Co. Litt. 151 b, note 5.

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Mercurius CEO Karl Seck underlined the companys intention to use regional Queensland as its bio-manufacturing hub during a visit to QUT in Brisbane today.
Seck Fuan said, 'For example, car owners can now purchase the smart key insurance, or opt for additional coverage such as waiver of betterment insurance and flood damage insurance at a lower premium.
The Senegalese ambassador to the UN, Fode Seck, who also co-led the Council delegation, said it was "a very positive visit, both on the side of the government and on the side of the UN Security Council.
Health Minister Awa Marie Coll Seck said the student went to a hospital in Dakar on Aug.
The infected person, a university student from Guinea, sought treatment at a hospital in Senegal's capital, Dakar, on Tuesday but gave no indication he might have Ebola, Health Minister Awa Marie Coll Seck told reporters.
Eva Marie Colle Seck, Senegal's health minister told the BBC the travel ban, announced by the interior ministry, would not affect the transportation of humanitarian aid.
The winner that has moved on, CSR Champion of the Year Marietou Seck, left her role as regional quality and development executive at Accor to join Farnek Middle East in the consultancy division, in her own words to help more "hotels to develop their sustainability identity and implement environmental measures".
Ghanaian educator, Mor Seck has spearhead-ed initiatives for capacity building in finance and administration, leadership development and technology management for staff in DLCs across the continent.
Ibanez opened Argentina's account on six minutes, bringing down Nicolas Tripichio's cross with his chest to tap it right of the Ivory Coast's goalkeeper Seck Diabagate.
Karl Seck, the company's president and CEO, told The Bellingham Herald that the biorefinery plant for the project will be built in Indiana, although the company's headquarters will remain in Ferndale.
Using field data gathered from Senegal, Seck vividly describes the nature and intensity of conflict between the Wolofs, or the farmers, and the Peuls, or the herdsmen.
Dans ce cadre, Moussa Seck, Conseiller aupres du president du Senegal, a signale l'impact de la securite alimentaire sur la stabilite politique et a appele, par la meme occasion, le secteur prive a investir dans ce secteur tout en apportant de l'innovation et de la technologie.