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EMPIRE. This word signifies, first, authority or command; it is the power to command or govern those actions of men which would otherwise be free; secondly, the country under the government of an emperor but sometimes it is used to designate a country subject to kingly power, as the British empire. Wolff, Inst. Sec. 833.

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Fontainebleau was the setting of the Second Empire court of his nephew Napoleon III.
The implosion of the Second Empire on the battlefield of Sedan in September 1870, when the French armies suffered lightning defeat at the hands of the Prussians, has only intensified the suspicion that this was a society doomed to perish.
While most art critics are content to deflate the myth of Courbet the revolutionary at the level of content by noting his paintings of Second Empire patrons and soft porn nudes, Clark discerns politics at the level of facture and techne.
No, it was not the Second Empire which upset Guizot's edifice but the Third Republic.
In the fields of literature and the plastic arts, classifying and canonizing the Second Empire has never been an easy task.
It is also a brilliant synoptic historical geography of the Second Empire coupled with a close reading of the Empire's pre-history in the work of Balzac, the dreams of Utopia that shaped the sensibilities of both its architects and its adversaries, its denoument in the Commune and its apotheosis in the Basilica Sacre Couer.
In telling Foucault's story, Aczel also paints a portrait of life during France's Second Empire, when the Catholic church didn't look kindly on unorthodox views.
the little Napoleon," head of France's Second Empire.
Sent off at 8-1 the Lucayan Stud-owned colt saw off the challenge of Fa-Eq and Frankie Dettori, with 4-5 favourite Second Empire back in third.
Created to clean French army uniforms during the Second Empire, Eau Ecarlate, has passed into the hands of a subsidiary of Britain's Barclays bank.
The structure, built in 1878 in the French second empire style, had been for sale for 10 years and was badly in need of repair.
From the Napoleonic era through the Restoration, July Monarchy, and Second Empire, Ingres left a nonpareil record of the rich and powerful; the wives and girlfriends of the rich and powerful; those he worshipped and those who paid him.

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