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The two largest classes are the first declension, which contains nominals with vowel-final partitive singulars and the second declension, which contains nominals with consonant-final partitive singulars and non-trochaic genitive singulars.
But they cannot contain an initial Q3 because disyllabic genitive singulars with an initial Q3 are confined to the second declension.
The second declension contains nominals whose genitive singulars exhibit a range of non-trochaic patterns.
As a class, second declension nouns lack fusional short illatives and stem partitives (though individual items may retain old short illatives, as in the case of MAA 'land', which preserves the short illative maha).
The second declension is more prosodically heterogeneous than the first declension, though the prosodic variation does not correlate with class-defining inflectional patterns.
A 'class' containing grade-alternating nominals will again contain subtypes, which in this case replicate the general contrast between the first and second declension.
However, these items may also inflect according to the second declension pattern, reflecting the fact that "the language is beginning to forget that overlong syllables were originally disyllabic sequences" (Lehiste 1997 : 26).