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The additional cache offloads much of the second-level cache coherency traffic that would otherwise impede system performance.
The new PCs are the first to feature the new Intel(R) Celeron(TM) 366MHz and 400MHz processors -- the fastest Intel Celeron processors to date -- which both include second-level cache for optimum performance.
The powerful VisionBase 8460 server, with up to four 450 MHz Pentium II Xeon processors, with 512K, 1MB or 2MB of second-level cache, supports as much as 8GB of main memory and includes six 32-bit and five 64-bit PCI slots.
The ClearPath HMP NX4820 was improved by upgrading the instruction processor with large internal RAM structures and about 395,000 gates of complex logic and a second-level cache with internal RAM and about 275,000 gates.