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SECONDARY, construction. That which comes after the first, which is primary: as, the primary law of, nations the secondary law of nations.

SECONDARY, English law. An officer who is second or next to the chief officer; as secondaries to the prothonotaries of the courts of king's bench, or common pleas; secondary of the remembrancer in the exchequer, &c. Jacob, L. D. h.t.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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She said some first-time homebuyers prefer to buy from the secondary market due to location and the immediate availability of property.
'The IRISE project takes a system approach to address critical foundational issues and challenges facing the secondary education level in the country.
He said 'Henceforth, no child, either in primary and secondary schools should pay fees and levies in any school across the state.
Examples of secondary events include river floods, torrential rainfall, landslides, thunderstorms, snow and ice storms, draught and wildfires.
Region XI-DAVRAA's volleyball teams placed third in the secondary boys and girls divisions played Saturday at the Davao City-University of the Philippines Sports Complex.
| Rhondda Cynon Taf This year: PS2.50 primary and PS2.75 secondary Will it go next year?
Muttai said to reach the 100 per cent transition from primary to secondary, they had selected all students including one who had scored 85 marks in KCPE to ensure they get a place in the 25 secondary public and private schools in the area.
New Standard Secondary School beat Zeeshan Secondary School by 123 runs.
Whereas, at primary school level, the number of enrollment increased by 7 percent, at secondary level 13 percent, while at higher secondary level, the rate of increase surged by 526 percent.
There are 73 private primary schools and 50 private secondary schools, and a total of 24 704 children were attending private primary schools while 8 599 were attending private secondary schools.
There are 1,719 secondary schools and 291 higher secondary institutions.
This transaction continues Ardian's secondary funds strategy to offer liquidity to large institutions looking to rebalance their portfolios and monetise their private equity investments.