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Dense-core secretory vesicle docking and exocytotic membrane fusion in Paramecium cells.
In this case, the metal precipitation occurs as intracellular granules of different types which, after being stored, are directly discharged by secretory vesicles into the lumen or by substitution of the intestinal epithelium (Hubert, 1979a; Nogarol and Fontanetti, 2010; Godoy and Fontanetti, 2010).
The next two papers describe the use of unfertilized sea urchin eggs to study two fundamental cellular processes: the regulated exocytosis of secretory vesicles, and the shaping of membranes enclosing cellular organelles.
2+] is the primary intracellular signaling molecule controlling the fusion of secretory vesicles with the plasma membrane to release transmitters from neurons and hormones from endocrine cells (Martin, 2003).
Each granular gland consists of numerous alveoli or secretory vesicles that are surrounded by connective tissue (Hostetler & Cannon 1974; Cannon & Hostetler 1976; Alvarez et al.
The observation of the several smooth surfaced empty looking secretory vesicles in the apical cytoplasm of the epididymal principal cells in the dogs, resembles a similar finding in the principal cells of the epithelial lining of the adult rats epididymis (Hermo).