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Also, Mohammad Asghar Khan has been appointed as section officer food department, Shad Mohammad as section officer law department, Ziaur Rehman as section officer higher education, Lutfur Rehman as section officer Auqaf department, Ghulam Ghous as assistant director PDMA, Gul Nawaz as section officer health department, Azaz Ahmad as section officer chief minister secretariat and Sher Baz Khan has been appointed as section officer at IPC department.
Included in it was new IRC section 62(a)(20) which provides an above-the-line deduction for legal fees and court costs incurred in connection with discrimination awards.
Broadly speaking, a Section 987 QBU is a trade or business conducted in a currency different from its owner's currency, and for which a separate set of books and records is kept, on which the assets and liabilities of the trade or business are recorded.
92 is a summary of the requirements for covered opinions under the amended Circular 230 regulations.</p> <pre> Exhibit 1: Requirements for covered opinions Section 10.35(c)(1)--Factual matters: * Practitioners must use reasonable efforts to identify and ascertain
Kwast joined the Board in 1978 as an economist in the Financial Studies section. He was promoted to chief of that section in 1985, to assistant director in 1987, and to associate director in 1994.
Aviall's initial complaint sought cost recovery for the cleanup under CERCLA Section 107, in addition to a claim for contribution under CERCLA Section 113(f)(1).
"This [elder abuse] section shall not apply to a cause of action within the scope of title 29, chapter 26; such cause of action shall be governed solely by title 29, chapter 26." Id.
The following membership classes are open to those who meet the respective qualifications and pay the annual dues provided for the respective classification pursuant to Section 5 hereof:
Except as otherwise provided in this section, bylaws proposed by the appropriate committee must be notified to the members of the Council at least six weeks in advance of the annual meeting, but shall require for adoption only a simple majority of the voting members present at the meeting.
Directly ahead of the degassing section, the screw is no longer flighted, but instead consists of a solid cylinder containing capillaries aligned in the approximate direction of extrusion.
* provide sufficient mass to the core sections to allow proper cooling during solidification;
Section 13 (Winner section 11) Champion - Gerald David & Sons Reserve - Gerald David & Sons.